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The Podcast for the MTB Strength Training System, the world’s original and best strength and conditioning system designed exclusively for mountain bikers.

June 8, 2020

The 3 Axioms of MTB Training, Handlebar Rise & Isometric Training for Low Back Pain

In this episode I cover...


Training - The 3 Axioms of MTB Training:



  • Behind every technique on your bike is a movement skill your body requires - you can’t control your bike if you can’t control your body.
  • Athleticism is contextual - movement demands are specific to the environment.
  • Mindful movement practice helps to supplement the rest of your training.



Skills -  Effects of bar rise on your body and ride: Understanding the benefits and drawbacks of more rise and what you shouldn’t be using them to make up for.

Rider Q&A - Isometric Training for Low Back Pain/ Slipped Discs: Should you avoid certain exercises and should you feel you low back getting “sore” from training?

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