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October 11, 2019

Next Level Soft Tissue Strategies - Interview with Chris Duffin from Kabuki Strength

Last week I posted a review of a new soft tissue tool I’ve been using called the Boomstick. At roughly 2 feet long and weighing 20 pounds, it opens up ways to address tightness and mobility that I didn’t know existed.

Having a long history with the foam roller I thought I knew a lot when it came to improving recovery and mobility through soft tissue work but after experiencing the Boomstick at a seminar I realized I still had a lot to learn. So I decided to go to the man behind the Boomstick, Chris Duffin.

Chris is the founder of Kabuki Strength, a company dedicated to moving the fitness industry forward through innovative training tools and education. He is also the author of the book The Eagle and The Dragon, which tells the story of how he overcame a lot of obstacles to get to where he is today.

I got Chris on for a podcast interview to go over his views on strength and recovery and how they tie into the next level soft tissue work you can do with tools like the Boomstick. We also touch on barefoot training and Mace Swinging (a.k.a. 360’s and 10-2’s). It was a great talk covering a lot of topics but one that anyone interested in maximizing their recovery while decreasing the chance of injury should check out.

If you’re interested in learning more about Chris, the Boomstick and Kabuki Strength you can check them out at www.kabukistrength.com or one of the other links below:

Educational Content - @kabuki_virtualcoaching 

Kabuki Strength - @kabukistrengthlab

Chris Duffin -  @mad_scientist_duffin

I hope you enjoy this interview and get some stuff from it. And be sure to check out the Boomstick Review for some videos on how to use it on common problem areas for riders.

Until next time…

Ride Strong,

James Wilson

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