Getting better at mountain biking is one of the harder things to do in the sports world. Unlike most sports that only require one or two skills or fitness qualities, riding a bike on dirt requires a lot more.

Riding faster, longer and with more confidence on the trail requires you to juggle not only cardio training but also mobility, strength and skills training. None of these things are optional and only by having them all in your plan can you really hope to see dramatic results.

This is why having a system to help you make sure that you are focusing on the right things at the right time is important. There are a lot of different ways to improve but without knowing the right questions to ask and how to answer them you can easily make a bad decision.

Yesterday I held my latest webinar where I shared my FPI System of Program design. FPI stands for Focus, Progression and Integration and it shows you how I filter new information into the right “buckets” and how I choose which bucket works best for me at that time.

In it I shared…

- Why it is important to have a system to filter new information in today’s Information Age

- How to make sure that your plan is focused on your needs

- Two ro three reasons why riding a road bike is a bad idea for mountain biking and the simple solution that will give you much better results

- Why your brain is the most important thing to consider when looking at a training plan

- Why pedaling based fitness gets overrated and why you need other ways to work on your cardio

…plus much more.

After the presentation I answered some great questions about assessing your skills level, what a training block looks like and why the something as simple as kettlebell training can give you better results this off season than another winter spending countless hours on a trainer.

You can download the slides from this webinar by clicking the link below:

FPI System of Prorgam Design Webinar Slides

Ride Strong,

James Wilson

MTB Strength Training Systems

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